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Dress Code


Students are required to dress in a manner not to disrupt instruction or the educational process and/or place themselves at risk as related to health and safety regulations.   Failure to follow the dress code will result in a referral to the administration.  The following guidelines will be observed:


1.      No headwear (male or female) will be visibly carried or worn on campus between the hours of 7:20 AM and 2:05 PM.  This includes hats, sweatbands, do-rags, wave caps, bandannas, hair picks, hoods, etc.  The first offense will result in the item being confiscated and returned only to the parent.  In addition to the item being confiscated, disciplinary action will also be taken at the second offense.  The purpose of this policy is to promote courtesy and respect and to increase safety on campus.

2.      Female Students:  No bare midriffs, halter tops, tank tops, spaghetti or "T" straps, see-through shirts or blouses.  Sleeveless blouses should be at least three (3) inches across the shoulders. Male Students:  No tank tops.

3.      No skin should be showing between a student's shirt and his/her pants, skirt or shorts. This includes when students are sitting, standing or walking.  Shirts should not expose a student's back.

4.      No vulgar, obscene, or otherwise inappropriate/offensive symbols, language, or wording will be permitted on clothing.

5.      Any endorsement or glorification of weapons, drugs, tobacco, or of an alcoholic beverage will not be permitted on clothing worn to school.

6.      Sunglasses/shades or flip lens glasses are not to be worn or displayed in the school building unless medically necessary.  Students with a medical necessity must see a school administrator for clearance.

7.      Pants worn below the waist or any other comparable disruptive trend will not be tolerated.  Black or brown belts are to be worn.   (NO SAGGING PANTS!) Tie clips or belts will be given to students. If sagging becomes a habit for a student, disciplinary action will be taken. 


9.      Shorts and skirts are to cover the thigh and should be no higher than three (3) inches from the top of the knee.  Please take into consideration the length of these items when sitting and walking.  If leggings are worn, tops/skirts/shorts must be no higher than three inches from the top of the knee. Leggings/excessively tight knit pants are not to be used as a substitute for pants. 

10.  There will be no holes showing skin or undergarments more than three inches above the knee.

11.  Undergarments should not be visible at any time.

12.  Cleavage should not be visible at any time.

13.  Students are not allowed to have chains with them on campus.  This includes thick chains worn around the neck or as belts, and wallets attached to chains.  It does not include standard silver or gold chain-type necklaces.  Students should not have any jewelry or clothing with spikes.

14.  Bedroom slippers, Chinese slippers, or pajamas are not to be worn on campus. 

15.  Blankets are not permitted in the building.

16.  No "Heelys" or other shoes with wheels are allowed unless wheels are taken completely out and left at home.

17.  No fish hooks may be attached to clothing.

Note: The administration reserves the right to require a student to change clothes if what he or she is wearing is deemed to be inappropriate for school.  The misconduct will be handled with disciplinary action if it occurs more than once.  If a student has to go home to change, the absence(s) will be unexcused.  Students who cannot go home to change or refuse to change will sit in ISS for the remainder of the day.  


A contract that outlines dress code and the consequences for not following it will be given to the student for signature as well as the parent.